Custom art for family, friends or colleagues

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Order a tailored caricature to celebrate a special person, a loved one or a colleague.


The gift of laughter

Not sure what to do with all those stunning features? The chiselled cheekbones, or that regal profile? How about your expressive, bubbly eyes? Maybe you need a caricature to show off that personality.

Ok, maybe it’s not you, it could be for a friend, or family member. Someone’s got to get them into the hall of frames! Give them their own ‘distinguished’ portrait.

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Business as pleasure

Maybe you’d like to differentiate your business with unique awards or recognition certificates to motivate and honour your team. Build loyalty and boost company culture. Lighten the atmosphere after a successful but intensive project.

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“Art Dogg, fetch! ... Good boy.”

Throw an order and ART DOGG will ‘fetch’ just what you need. Caricatures will be tailored to the individual and can be ordered as a head and shoulders or full body in environment.


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Art Dogg is ready!

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